Fiber Network Solutions offers a variety of new fiber optic construction services as well as maintenance and repair services to renewable energy, commercial, and utility clientele all across the United States. We are able to offer very competitive prices due to our efficient labor practices and the acquired skill of our employees and field management.

Wind Farm
In the last nine years, the wind industry and its demand for high quality fiber optic networks has proven to be a major source of business for FNS. FNS entered into the wind industry early in 2003, and subsequently, we have had the opportunity to successfully complete numerous fiber optic scopes of work for our clients on many types of turbines from various manufacturers on wind farms all across the United States. Currently, we have spliced and terminated over 12,000 wind turbines and have successfully completed and tested SCADA systems in numerous substations and O&M buildings.

We have an excellent safety rating and continuously offer safety education as well as the opportunity for our employees to learn new technical skills.

Wind Farm Services Include:
  • Splicing and termination of fiber optic cable
  • Fiber optic cable jetting
  • Fiber Optic MET tower build outs
  • Pre installation reel tests
  • Testing & Diagnostics for SCADA Systems
  • Fiber terminations in substations
  • Trenching and Boring
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Transmission Line
Currently we have spliced over 25,000 miles of fiber optic OPGW and ADSS for aerial transmission line constructors across the South, Southwest, Northwest, and Midwest. Geographical location is not an issue to us and we are willing to travel anywhere to meet the needs of customers.

We offer a complete fiber optic scope of work from assisting with the fiber optic design phase to the final termination and testing of fiber prior to transmission. Our specialty lies in splicing and testing of OPGW and ADSS and providing termination of fiber and troubleshooting in substations and O&M buildings.

We have an excellent safety rating and continuously offer safety education as well as the opportunity for our employees to learn new technical skills.

Transmission services include:
  • Pre installation reel testing
  • String and tension ADSS cable
  • Splicing of OPGW and ADSS
  • Installation of splice cans and H-Brackets
    • Cable pulling
    • Trenching, backfill, and installation of underground pipe
    • OTDR and Power Meter Testing
    • Complete installation, termination, and testing of substation SCADA applications
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    FNS, Inc. offers full maintenance and repair on any fiber optic project whether it is on a wind farm, transmission line, solar farm, or commercial project. Some maintenance services offered include:
    • Locate and repair fiber breaks or rat chews
    • Providing temporary connectivity and permanent restoration
    • Excavating and repairing damaged fiber
    • Complete SCADA trouble shooting, testing, and repair
    • Expanding fiber optic networks

    FNS, Inc. has performed the fiber splicing, terminating, and testing scopes of work on the following solar projects:
    • Post and pre-installation testing
    • Splicing and terminations at inverters and control houses
    • Trouble shooting and repairs

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    Data COM
    In today’s world, the cliché “communication is key” simply cannot begin to illustrate the bits and bytes of data, the signals, and the information traveling all around us. Today’s Data transmission rates conquer obstacles that where unforeseen decades ago.

    Fiber Network Solutions is dedicated to designing network solutions that meet your organizations needs today and tomorrow. With our network and signal requirements changing rapidly, it is important to insure that your network has addressed all concerns for simplicity, versatility and expandability.

    Our Data COM installation capabilities include:
    • Fiber Optic Cable procurement and design
    • Fiber Optic splice, termination
    • Fiber Optic and Copper Infrastructure Testing
    • Structured Cable Design and installation
    • LAN / WAN Solutions
    • Technical Support
    • Copper: Cat 5, Cat5E, Cat 6
    • Fiber: MM, SM, OPGW, Fusion Splice
    • Coax: RG6, RG58, RG59, RG11
    • Wireless Networks
    • Testing & documentation including as-built drawings
    • Copper / Fiber Optic Data COM or Telecom Technology
    We provide services ranging from small business networks, upgrade and maintenance of cable infrastructures, to large network design for LAN, WAN, SCADA Systems, and video in commercial, industrial, utility and harsh environment applications.

    We have completed commercial Data COM and fiber installation projects for:
    • University of Texas, Tyler
    • The City of Lindale
    • The City of Tyler
    • Crandall, TX ISD
    • Jacksonville, TX ISD
    • Henderson, TX ISD
    • Cox Communications (Sudden Link)
    • Dallas Rapid Transit
    • Holloman Air force Base
    • Tyler Junior College
    • Teen Mania Ministries
    • Mercy Ship Ministries
    • Rains Co. TX
    • The City of Wichita Falls, TX
    • Los Alamos National Laboratories NM
    • Nucor Steel
    • Cleveland Gas
    • City of Monroe, LA
    • City of Teague, TX
    • University of Texas Health and Science Center
    • TXDOT
    • KHOU TV
    • Smith Co. TX
    • All Saints School